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Mr Jason Wu - Chairman of TMVC

Mr. Jason Wu,
Chairman of TMVC

J Keith Lomas - CEO UltraVision CLPL

Mr. J. Keith Lomas,
CEO UltraVision CLPL


UltraVision CLPL, Cambridge, UK, & Taiwan Macro Vision Corporation (“TMVC”), Taipei, Taiwan, announced today the launch of iDealsoft™
contact lenses in Taiwan.

iDealsoft™ is a full range of aspheric, toric, multifocal and multifocal toric contact lenses covering all possible prescriptions so no wearer is limited. The lenses are currently in mid-water Hydrogel material and plans are in place for a full launch in a Silicone Hydrogel material too by mid-2014.

Available in Taiwan now, TMVC will also launch iDealsoft™ into mainland China and the South East Asian markets once full product licences are in place for each relevant country.

iDealsoft™ lenses are manufactured in Taipei by TMVC’s sister company Hiline Optical Co. Ltd. under license from UltraVision CLPL.

J Keith Lomas, Group CEO of UltraVision CLPL, said “We’re delighted that TMVC has selected our software, technology and designs. Whilst TMVC uses its expertise and channels to build sales in Taiwan, China and South East Asia, UltraVision CLPL will continue to focus and invest in research, development, patenting and licensing of its technologies to contact lens manufacturers around the world”.

Jason Wu, Chairman of TMVC, commented “We’re committed to supporting our growing patient base with the best technologies and offerings we can source worldwide and as such are excited to bring iDealsoft contact lenses to the markets in Asia”.