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Nick Stonehouse and Lynn White

Nick Stonehouse and Lynn White


UltraVision CLPL is taking the manufacture of contact lenses to the next level and in support of this has employed Clinical Director, Lynn White MSc FCOptom and Engineering Manager, Nick Stonehouse. With a strong clinical and manufacturing team, UltraVision is poised for growth and ready to ensure the future development of the next generation of contact lens technology.

Describing her new role as Clinical Director, Lynn says “UltraVision is serious about putting clinical excellence at the heart of its business and delivering innovative products for those patients whose visual needs cannot be met by disposable lenses.“

Lynn has been a consultant to UltraVision since 2007, contributing heavily to the development of KeraSoft IC, the revolutionary soft lens for keratoconus and irregular corneas. Lynn has over 30 years varied experience in Optometry. She ran her own practices for over 20 years, worked in the Caribbean as an Optometrist and on her return, developed her own dedicated Irregular Cornea Contact Lens Practice. She was an AOP Councillor for 8 years, with a special interest in Low Vision.

Nick Stonehouse brings a wealth of experience in contact lens manufacturing, having worked at Alcon’s (formerly CIBA Vision) Farnham manufacturing plant. Nick started there 25 years ago making RGP and soft contact lenses (spheres, torics and colour printed) before joining their Quality department as QA Engineer. In the short time Nick has been at UltraVision he has been implemental in helping streamline UltraVision’s manufacturing processes and practices. His experience in working in a speciality made-to-order manufacturing plant will be invaluable to UltraVision.