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Buy Phentermine Online Canada

UltraVision welcomed distributors and practitioners from The Netherlands and India to learn more about the new MoRoCCo app which aids fitting KeraSoft® IC contact lenses.

Following the launch of new branding and website at the recent BCLA conference in Manchester, UltraVision held workshops for distributors and their customers (pictured below) attending the show.

Top notch distributor support from UltraVision

“The support is fantastic” explains Karl Hetzel (far left) of Ercon, The Netherlands, a distributor of UltraVision contact lenses for 16 years. “It enables us to grow our business year on year”. Karl attended the workshops with his customers, optometrists Karolien Elving-Kokke and Michaella Sas (centre). Karolien shared her thoughts on UltraVision’s product dedication, stating “Nice to see the UltraVision team so involved and proud of the products they produce”.

Jeetender Prashad (far right), KeraSoft Eyecare, India, agrees “UltraVision understands my market, offering advice and assistance when needed”.

UltraVision supplies specialist contact lenses to over 70 countries and maintains the secret of the international success is the close relationship they maintain with their distributors.

The MoRoCCo app can be downloaded at Carisoprodol 350 Mg Pill

Buy Phentermine 30Mg Online