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Buy Diazepam Ireland

As part of their studies in A Level Science, students from Vandyke Upper School and Community College enjoyed a visit to contact lens manufacturer UltraVision. Clinical and Customer Services Advisor Manager, Josie Barlow and Wendy Churchill, Export Executive, led the visit for the students by presenting the science behind vision, contact lenses, and how UltraVision changes patients’ lives on a daily basis.

Using her 25 years’ experience, Josie Barlow answered questions from the students and was impressed with the interest shown. Josie said, “the students were always engaged and asked some fantastic questions that will enhance their applied science studies.”

The students were interested to see the manufacturing processes involved in making contact lenses and the science behind making a contact lens safe and comfortable to wear. Mrs Smart, a teacher from Vandyke Upper School, stated “Thank you so much for being so supportive – it was a great experience for us. We would love to come back next year.”

UltraVision enjoys supporting the local community and welcomes any educational visits from schools and colleges in the surrounding counties.

Vandyke students at UltraVision

Students from Vandyke Upper School and Community College during their visit at UltraVision.