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Buy Valium With Mastercard Online

Buy Valium With Mastercard Online

19th & 20th January 2014

Business Centre, Glasgow Hilton

Stand B40

The event is free to attend and offers 24 interactive CET points, available through lectures, seminars, peer review sessions and workshops from internationally renowned speakers.

A range of interactive workshops are offered as well as lectures on ‘Refractive Surgery Vs Contact Lenses’ , ‘Paediatrics & BV’ and ‘Ocular Genetics’.

Visit UltraVision and learn how you can “Always say Yes!” to your customers. UltraVision specialises in contact lenses outside of the disposal range, so there is no reason to turn a patient down. With our contact lenses you can expand your patient base and increase customer loyalty.

Why should I visit?

  • Join UltraVision on Stand B40 and learn about how patients can be fitted with contact lenses outside of the disposable range.
  • High number of CET points available right at the beginning of the year
  • New venue and new location! Change of scenery/new faces will inspire you to go back and improve your business!
  • Eyecare 3000 is the largest exhibition for the optical industry in Scotland

For more information, please visit: Carisoprodol 350 Mg Pill