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New Mobile App! A KeraSoft Expert at your fingertips


UltraVision CLPL’s new mobile and web fitting app makes eye care practitioners’ lives easier and lenses can be prescribed faster. The fitting app for KeraSoft IC reduces chair time in assessing irregular cornea patients and acts as a data recording and transmission centre. The app guides practitioners step by step through the KeraSoft IC MoRoCCo VA process, helping improve patient care in practice. “In today’s world, using electronic and mobile technology is increasingly becoming a day to day requirement of managing healthcare,” said Kimberley Burns, Marketing Executive at UltraVision CLPL.

The free app provides the ability for practitioners to store fitting data for both eyes in one session. Other benefits of the app include real time animations of lens behaviour, the ability to view fitting history for the patient in one glance, emailing lens orders, requesting support and much more.

To download the MoRoCCo VA app please go to Buy Phentermine 30Mg Online