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Soma 350 Mg Reviews

Braford University KeraSoft IC Demonstration

Bradford University KeraSoft IC Demonstration

Future optometrists were recently able to learn valuable lessons in contact lenses outside of the disposable range. Students from The University of Bradford observed that once in practice they can utilise lenses that can truly change people’s lives for the better. Lynn White, MSc FCOptom, Clinical Director at UltraVision CLPL, hosted the student workshops. Lynn talked to the group about Irregular Cornea recognition, management, cross linking and soft lens fitting. Students observed the process right from the initial topography and lens selection, to refinement of the lens to be ordered.

Alison, a student from the university, found the UltraVision workshop very interesting and interactive, “It has given me a greater understanding of how to fit Keratoconic patients with soft lenses designed specifically for Keratoconus and Irregular Corneas. The Morocco App is a brilliant educational tool and will be valuable to me both with my studies and during Pre-Reg year.”

Kimberley Burns, Marketing Executive, explains “the workshops were clearly a success with the students who stayed a lot longer than the allotted time; they were enjoying learning about Buy Valium Tablets Online lenses so much we couldn’t get them to leave!”